CanSoft® Catering Services System

3-in-1 package


CanSoft Catering Services System

Package include:

  1. Order processing and billing system
  2. Purchase and account payable system
  3. Inventory control / information system

Version License Price
PC Standalone version 1 PC HK$ 4,480
Workgroup version 3 Users HK$ 10,080
Network version 5 Users HK$ 21,600
Add one user for PC Standalone version +HK$ 2,800
Add one user for Workgroup version +HK$ 2,800
Add one user for Mobile food ordering apps
.Mobile or tablet apps run on Android 4.0+
+HK$ 2,800
Add one user for Network version +HK$ 2,500
Add General Ledger System +HK$ 1,000
Add one point of sales (branch) with data communication (sales & stock transactions) between head office and branch +HK$ 4,500

  • First time free modification of the sales receipt
  • First time free on-site installation (Hong Kong user only)
  • Training will be provided at our office (Free and unlimited times within warranty period)
  • Telephone, email, internet support will be provided (free and unlimited times within warranty period)
  • One year warranty, at the expiry of the warranty, you may join our maintenance service
    PC Version HK$1200 per year, 3 Users Workgroup version HK$2400 per year, 5 Users Network version HK$6000 per year.

System features

1. Point of Sales

2. Purchase and A/C Payable

3. Inventory Control/Information

4. Data Security

5. Language Supports

6.  Hardware Supports

Sample Configuration

Sample Configuration