CanSoft® Human Resources System

Package includes:

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CanSoft Retail System

Package includes:

  1. Time Attendance System
  2. Payroll Information System
  3. Personnel Management System
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Version License Price
Standalone version 1 PC HK$ 6,000
Workgroup version 3 Users HK$ 11,600
Network version 5 Users HK$ 24,800
Add one user for Workgroup +HK$ 2,800
Add one company for PC Standalone version or Workgroup version* +HK$ 2,800
Add one user for Network version +HK$ 2,500
Add one company for Network version*
               Unlimited employees
               Limited to 15 employees

+HK$ 7,500
+HK$ 2,500
Add Web-Base Self-Service Module (eLeave) (Free & unlimited users licenses) +HK$ 8,000
Add Web-Base Roster Module (eRoster) (Licenses by site) +HK$ 1,500 per site
Add Web-Base Appraisal Module on Network Version  (eAppraisal)
(Free & unlimited users licenses)
+HK$ 10,000
* NOTE:  The added company must be in the same jurisdiction with the original company.  Separate systems must be purchased for companies located in a different jurisdiction.


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  • First time free modification of the printouts, export to excel or internet file
    1. MPF contribution list and enrolment form such as AIA, HSBC, BOC, Principal, Manual Life...etc.,
    2. Bank auto pay advice such as HSBC, Bank of China, Standard Chartered Bank...etc.,
    3. IR56B/E/F/G/M
    4. Staff Salary Slip
    5. Staff Identity Card
  • First time free on-site installation (Hong Kong user only)
  • Training will be provided at our office (Free and unlimited times within warranty period)
  • Telephone, email, internet support will be provided (free and unlimited times within warranty period)
  • One year warranty, at the expiry of the warranty, you may join our maintenance service:
    PC Version HK$1200 per year, 3 Users Workgroup version HK$2400 per year, Network version HK$6000

  1. Data Security
  2. Flexibility
  3. Efficiency
  4. Localization
  5. Personalization & Customization
  6. Web-Base Self-Service
  7. Web-Base Appraisal program Module
  8. Hardware Interface

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Data Security

  • Security protections have been incorporated into the system to restrict unauthorized personnel to access functions and data fields.
  • In addition, the system allows the user to execute specific action button, such as create, modify, delete, enquiry, list records. If the user is granted enquiry button only in a specific file, he/she can only make enquiry permission of that file.
  • Data encryption are applied to the confidential fields such as staff identity card number, birthday, salary, etc., . An audit file will be provided for tracking and recording all modified and deleted transactions. This report will be printed out timely by an authorized user for auditing purpose.
  • A scheduled auto backup system will be provided to process files recovery and restore data within a short time.


  • Multi-lingual (Traditional or Simplified Chinese and English), multi-user, multi-company, multi-currency, multi-layers of organization structure, multi-job location, multi-shift per site, etc.


  • The system provides an easy way to assign employees work shifts, leave and holidays to different job locations.
  • When scheduling employee's leave or holiday, a side window shows alternative employees with site, department, position, phone no. that are available for substitution.
  • The system will alert you when there is a conflict schedule in the employee’s roster.
  • So, roster functions can maximize your human resources, minimize labor costs, avoid overtime work and increase operational efficiencies.  

Email Communication

  • The system can auto generate salary slip to the PDF format attachment and send to the user by email.
  • The system auto generate leave and holiday application form and approval confirmation by email and c.c. to the receiver.
    Document generated by mail merge can also be sent out to the staff by email.


  • All documents received or issued through the system will be attached to the staff personal profile.
  • Documents received from the employee such as resume, certificate or identity, etc.,
  • Documents issued to the employee like employment contract, payment advice, warning letter, salary increment letter, job termination letter, etc.,
  • All reports and printouts can be exported to PDF, Text, Excel, etc., by the authorized user.

Bulk Data Entry

  • Bulk data from the Excel work sheet can be easily imported to the database such as employee basic information (employee name, address, salary, payroll history, family status, working experience, etc.,), salary review, benefit and allowance pay to a group
    of staff, etc.,

Local Employment Ordinance

  • The system default settings are complied with local employment ordinance and regulations.
  • Auto salary calculation (monthly salary,daily wages, hourly wages, terminated job, leave and holidays, benefit and allowance, attendance payment or penalty) are related to local employment ordinance such as 418, 713 ordinance, MPF rules, etc.,
  • User can alter the settings to suit the company policy. For example, terms and methods for benefit and allowance entitlement (bonus, commission, housing, medical scheme, ORSO…) can be defined by the user.
  • Formula and conditions of attendance payment can be defined for specific group of staff per scheduled shift and site such as overtime work incentive payment, late penalty, pay leave, no pay leave or 4/5 pay leave compensation payment, no. of days for leave or holidays can be created, changed or adjusted by the user.
  • MPF voluntary contribution conditions can be defined such as a certain percentage of salary for specific group of staff per length of year service with maximum contribution amount.

Bankers for auto pay electronic transfer
MPF Provider for  monthly contribution

  • Select your company banker for auto pay electronic transfer
  • Select your MPF provider and fill in the contract and plan for monthly contribution. 
  • All print out formats automatically output to excel, internet format, or printed
    on A4 paper.

Inland Revenue Returns (IR56B/E/F/G/M)

  • Employee data can be automatically exported to Inland Revenue Department's software.  User can use this software to print IR56B sheets for the staff, copy the database to the CD and print out the cover sheet and send to the IR department.
  • User can also use the preprinted forms collected from IR dept. or execute the program to print the desired forms.

Personalization & Customization

  • User can define the most frequently used functions as his/her hot function keys, e.g. when he/she is logon the application software, the definable buttons (hot keys) for the user will be appeared on the top of the screen.  
  • In addition,  an alert button for that user will also be provided to remind him/her for any outstanding job such as contract staff renewal, staff probationary status, professional license or working permit renewal.
  • System administrator can create individual user task menu to simplify the access of the programs.

Search Engine

  • Enable the user to search and get the required  result from the database and export to Excel by inputting specific requirements or data.  e.g.  To show employees fluent in Putonghua with 2 years sales working experience, male, single and additional data with mobile phone, email and education level.

    The system will sort out those employees by name, alias, department, position matching the above conditions.

Mail Merge

  • The system provides pre-defined document and letters such as employment letter, termination letter, warning letter, salary or job promotion letter, etc.,
  • User can use the mail merge function to execute the Microsoft word to create the template and save to a specific document name.doc to the computer.

Web-Base Self-Service (Add-on)

  • Employee can log on the system through internet wherever/whenever they want to edit the personal information such as new address, telephone no. or family status, etc.,They can also easily check their current month salary slip, attendance records, outstanding leaves and holidays. Apply or approve annual leaves, compensation leaves, sick leaves, maternity leaves, etc., or preview roster. (Web page and Mobile screen interface).

Self assessment, Appraiser evaluation, Appraisal meeting, Review of Objective Performance plan, Summary & Sign off

  • Free and unlimited users licenses.
  • HR Administrator may set up and start the appraisal period by sending out email through the appraisal program to inform relevant staff for self-assessment (competencies and performance objectives questions and ratings).
  • Appraisee may log on the system through internet with a one-click link included in the email sent by the HR Administrator to complete a set of competency questions and rate their job performance. The results would then be submitted to the appraiser for the arrangement of an appraisal meeting.
  • Appraiser may log on the appraisal program via internet to specify weight and rate the performance of an Appraisee. A side window would prompt up and display a summary of the Appraisee’s attendance performance, leave and holiday status, employee’s comments and past appraisal forms such as Probation Appraisal, Mid-term performance during the current appraisal period.
  • Face to Face Appraisal Meeting may be scheduled by the Appraiser.
  • Appraiser has to complete the summary and action taken part of the appraisal form which may include a specific work plan agreed by the Appraiser and Appraisee for improving job performance in next appraisal period.
  • The archived appraisal forms will be attached to the relevant employee’s personal profile.

Hardware Support

  • The system support proximity card reader, fingerprint device, magnetic strip reader, barcode reader for capturing staff attendance time.
  • There are several ways to communicate among office and remote sites:
    1.  On-line real time obtaining the remote site staff attendance records through internet.
    2. Export data to USB drive, CD and then send back to the office, using the import attendance records function to update the data to the database for attendance reports and payroll calculation.