CanSoft® Retail System

3-in-1 package

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CanSoft Retail System

Package include:

  1. Point of Sales system
  2. Purchase and account payable system
  3. Inventory control / information system
CanSoft Retail System - Designed for Each and Every Retail Business:   Food, Fashion, Lighting, Optical products, Pearl, Textile, Building materials, Chemicals, Computer accessories, Mobile phones, Cosmetics, Electronics, Gift, Toys, Computer, Sea products, Electrical appliances, Plastic products... etc.

Version License Price
PC Standalone version 1 PC HK$ 3,980
Workgroup version 3 Users HK$ 9,580
Network version 5 Users HK$ 21,600
Add one user for Workgroup +HK$ 2,800
Add one user for Local Network version +HK$ 2,500
Add one remote shop for Network version +HK$ 3,000
Add General Ledger System +HK$ 1,000
Add one point of sales (branch) with data communication (sales & stock transactions) between head office and sales outlet +HK$ 3,800

  • First time free modification of the two document printouts such as barcode label, sales invoice, delivery order, transfer note, purchase order, etc., (excluding any additional fields). All tailor-made printouts are printer-specific.
  • First time free on-site installation (Hong Kong user only)
  • Training will be provided at our office (Free and unlimited times within warranty period)
  • Telephone, email, internet support will be provided (free and unlimited times within warranty period)
  • One year warranty, at the expiry of the warranty, you may join our maintenance service
    PC Version HK$1200 per year, 3 users Workgroup version HK$2400 per year, Network version HK$6000 per year, One remote shop version HK$800 per year.


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  1. Easy to use
  2. Efficiency
  3. Flexibility
  4. Security
  5. Hardware Interface
  6. Complete Back Office Functionality

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Easy to use

Start your daily job with just one swipe
One need not be especially computer-trainned to operate our system. When the cashier switches on the computer, the POS invoice wil automatically appear on the screen. The cashiser simply need to key in his password or scan his figerprint (using the optional fingerprint device) to start her daily job.

Do it your way
Our system supports various ways to input data: inputting the item number, scanning the product barcode or pressing the definable keys on a POS keyboard (optional). A sales invoice or receipt is generated just by a few key strokes. Stock are also automatically deducted.

Efficiency:  Know your business in real time*

No more looking around for stock
Instead of going through the storage area to find an item requested by customers, our system provides you with a search engine for instant checking of inventory. You can easily find your required item by key finders like bar corde, category, part no., model, brand, colour, size, or serial no.

Get the reports you want
We provide daily sales reports showing details and summary of invoices, amount, tender, card charges, expenses on  petty cash, salesman commission and many more.  With the wide range of analysis reports built-in, CanSoft Retail System lets you know how your business is doing like no others before.

*Communication among office and shops can be real-time or delayed (e.g. daily consolidation) depending on the system configuration and operation mode selected.

Flexibility built-in: Suits your business in every aspect

Suiting different users and scale
CanSoft Retail System supports multi-lingual (Chinese and English) user interface, multiple users, multiple sales outlets.

Gives you complete control of your pricing strategy
The system also provides bar code printing functions, various discount patterns, individual customer price setting, partial delivery, etc. The system also supports multiple payment methods such as cash, credit card, cheque, deposit, coupons, etc.  You can define the discount rate based on dollar value or precentage. 

Specific functions for your specific industries
Special functions such as reserved order, repair note, job order, customer booking, rental note etc are provided for dedicated industries operating with a business model slightly different from the traditional retail model.

Safe and secure

Track all abnormal transactions
CanSoft Retail System provides you with an audit log which tracks and record all transactions that are modified or deleted, as well as items that were sold below cost.

Set your permission hierarchy
Security protection has been incorporated into CanSoft Retail System to restrict unauthorized users from operating system.  You can also set various permission hierarchy to entrust or restrict certain system functions to different groups of employees in different rank.

Backup and restore your data, quick and easy
You can easily backup all your system data and settings and restore it in case of emergencies such as hardware failure.  Just make sure you regularly copy your backup to an external storage media.

Hardware Interface (Optional)

CanSoft Retail System supports the following optional hardware interface:

  • Bar Code CCD Scanner
  • Digital Cash Drawer
  • POS Display Pole
  • POS Keybaord
  • POS Printer
  • Touch Screen
  • Smart Card or Fingerprint Device for added security (during log-on and approval)

Complete Back Office Functionality

The Back Office System handles daily operations such as purchase, accounts payable, inventory control, sales and data transfer among head office and shops.  While the functions included are similar to our Wholesale System, additional functions will be added on the sales module such as handling members and customer accounts, printing items bar code and price tag, sending messages to store POS system, updating promotional price and controlling issues coupons, providing sales analysis reports by shops (amount, items), etc.