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Inventory Control / Information System

The objective of this application software are :

  • To provide comprehensive and flexible facilities to enable the user to easily manage record and analyses stock level, related cost.
  • To maintain complete details of stock status, including price and cost, reorder information and cost of goods.
  • To simplify and reduce duplicate clerical work with eventual labour saving such as manipulate the quantity and cost in the stock ledger transactions.
  • To provide more management information reports, like stock status, yearly sales analysis, stock valuation, reorder advice, inactive stock, etc.,
System function 1.Stock master file
1. Stock master file
2. Purchase order
3. Stock Receipt
4. Delivery Note
5. Stock Transfer
6. Stock Adjustment
7. Physical take
8. Reports
9. Month End Process


The stock master file plays an important role of the whole system. It provides the details of stock information such as category, brand, stock item number, bi-lingual stock description, lot no., serial no., origin, stock unit, packing, invoice unit, quantity of goods available to sell, current stock locations, stock reserved, purchase ordered quantity, minimum stock level, outstanding lot of goods, the latest cost, the average moving cost of goods, photo and bar code, handling stock item's care with parts or accessories, etc., During daily process, stock ordered, stock received, stock dispatched, inter- locations stock transfer, stock adjustment or periodic physical take, these transactions are automatically update to the stock records, so as user can on-line obtain the current, historical inventory transactions and future stock status.

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2.Purchase order
Every purchase must be a necessity for the proper conduct of the business operation. So, this module supports ordering and trading items from initial purchase requirements through receipt of goods to warehouse. The purchase order form must be completed with the header, transaction detail, footer before issuing and submitting for approval. Purchase order status and outstanding purchase order list will be provided for governing the shipment to meet the customer needs.

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3.Stock Receipt
After the goods are received at the dockyard, goods will be stored to warehouse. User should input these transactions into the computer. Stock receipt of goods must be matched against the purchase order, the costs and quantity of goods will be updated accurately. The costing method of the items are using the FIFO method and moving average cost.

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4.Delivery Note
Input the information of the delivery note into the computer so that the outstanding quantity of the stock will be deducted from the stock master file and stock receipt file.

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5.Stock Transfer
Sometimes goods has to be transferred from one location to another location and ready for the official delivery note.

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6.Stock Adjustment
Stock adjustment has to be made when data entries errors occur or wrong delivery of stock item, user has to input the reason and quantity difference from the actual inventory.

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7.Physical Take
Produce a stock take worksheet by location. Input the physical stock counts and the system will automatically make an adjustment from the actual inventory.

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8. Reports
Reports have several options such as by category, brand, stock item no., lot no., location, supplier no., customer no., etc., Reports can be shown in a period, in the form of twelve months, amount, cost value, quantity, percentage comparison or charts presentation.

Some of these reports are : Stock transaction lists Re-order advice report Slow stock items moving report Monthly stock movement report Total stock valuation report Yearly stock purchase analysis report Yearly stock sales analysis report Sales turnover ranking analysis report Price list with item photo Stock bar code printing User defined reports

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9. Month End process
Once the month end process function is being executed, stock in, stock out transactions are denied by the system in that specific month and the previous months. Closing stock is generated and posted to the closing stock handling file of the general ledger system.

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Customer code. : 10 characters
Area code : 20 characters
Salesman code : 10 characters
Documents no. : 16 characters (Quotation, Contract, Delivery Note, Sales invoice, Credit Note, Receipt etc.,)
Price : 99,999,999.99 (up to 4 decimal point)
Documents amount : 999,999,999.99 (up to 3 decimal point )
Heading, Remarks, Footer : Unlimited lines and characters.
Exchange rate : 99,999.9999 (up to 6 decimal point )

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