CanSoft® Wholesale System

4-in-1 package

CanSoft Wholesale System

Package includes:

Web-based Manage your business real-time with any web-browser using CanSoft Web-based application software.    

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Strike deals on the move anytime anywhere with Cansoft Mobile Apps.

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Build your own shop on the web by deploying CanSoft Online Shop Module

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Version License Price
PC Standalone version 1 PC HK$ 4,480
Workgroup version 3 Users HK$ 10,080
Network version 5 Users HK$ 21,600
Add one user for Workgroup version +HK$ 2,800
Add one company account for PC Standalone version or Workgroup version +HK$ 2,800
Add one user for Network version +HK$ 2,500
Add one company account for Network (5 Users) version +HK$ 6,000
Add Retail system +HK$ 2,000

Free Services
  • Free First-time modification of two document printouts such as quotation, sales contract, sales invoice, delivery order, purchase order, barcode label, etc., (excluding any additional fields). All tailor-made printouts are printer-specific.
  • Free First-time on-site installation (Hong Kong user only)
  • Free One-year Warranty Service:
    • Telephone, email, internet support (free and unlimited times within warranty period)
    • Training will be provided at our office (free and unlimited times within warranty period, subject to booking)
  • Warranty Services can be renewed at the expiry of the Free One-year warranty period. 
    The current rates charged for 1 year of Warranty Service are as follows:
    PC Version HK$1200 per year, Workgroup version 3 users HK$2400 per year, Network version 5 users HK$6000 per year.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Personalization
  3. Efficiency
  4. Flexibility
  5. Integrated Information
  6. Extensive reporting functions and graphical presentation
  7. Security

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Easy to use

You don't have to be an especially trained computer personnel to use our system.  All operations can be accessed by 2 mouse clicks from the drop-down menu which is logically organized.


Personalization and Customization

Define your own shortcut buttons
Define the most frequently used functions for yourself! When you logon the system, your defined shortcuts will appear at the top of the screen. Now your frequently used functions are just 1-click away.

Be reminded by your personalized alerts
Personalized alerts can remind individual users about his/her outstanding job. Examples of these alerts include: discounting today's post-dated check; delivery order not yet cleared; re-order insufficient stock, etc.

Define your own work-flow
System administrators can create individual user task menu to simply the access to different functions of the system.  The task menu can also serve as a work-flow reminder to that user.



Find instantly, and remember less
While users can manually input data into the system, they can press the key finder to find and select the exact data which they had inputted before from a pop-up window. This is especially useful when handling large number of data codes.

Powerful search engine
CanSoft Wholesale System's powerful search engine enables users to search and get the desired record quickly and easily. Users can filter by text, characters, date range, or amount, etc.

Copy from precedents or related documents
Save time from typing and increase efficiency using the copy function! Documents like sales quotation, sales invoice, purchase order can be copied from historical data.  Content of documents can also be copied from its related documents: e.g. a purchase order can be copied to become a purchase invoice - all you need to do is to do the necessary modification (if any is required).



Suiting different business scale - our system can grow with you
CanSoft Wholesale System is upgradable to multi-user and multi-company configurations to suit customers at different business scale.  You can start small with our PC-Standalone version and upgrade as you grow.

Suiting different business needs
The system can handle multiple currencies, multiple warehouses, multiple customer price and stock code; multiple delivery addresses for one customer; multiple shipment, packaging, packing factors. You can also create price lists, catalog with photos; do pre-costing for quotation and post-costing for contract and invoice.  Besides full-settlement, our system supports post-dated check, partial payment, check printing with remittance advice.  You can also perform accounting functions such as budget analysis, bank reconcilliation, define your own structure of ledger account number, document number etc...  See our system functions on each module for more information.

CanSoft Wholesale System supports multi-language user interface.  Users can choose from Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English.


Integrated information

No worries of missing data from transfer between functions
Accounts receiveable, payable and invetory systems are fully integrated with the general ledger system. E.g. when issuing a sales invoice, the following will automatically occur without any user input required: stock deduction, posting of sales figure to the appropirate accounting document, generation of a sales voucher.  You no longer need to worry about missing data in some of the system modules.  Simply key in the expenses voucher or transfer voucher and you can obtain an accurate profit and loss statement.

Extensive reporting functions and graphical presentation

Know your business performance right away

CanSoft Wholesale System comes with a wide range of practical and useful reports that let you know your business performance and plan ahead for the future.  Predefined reports such as sales analysis reports can be sort by different combination of customers, locations, salesmen, categories, stock items, period and gross profit etc.

Reports can be viewed on screen or be printed out. Users can also export them to Excel, Word, Lotus etc.

Selected reports such as annual turnover summary and ranking analysis reports can be presented in graphical charting in the form of a bar chart, pie chart, or line graph.

You can also define your own reports with the reporting tool in case our wide range of built-in reports does not include your desired presentation.



Track abnormal usage
All modified and all deleted transactions will be recorded in an audit file.  This report can be checked and printed out by an authorized user from time to time for auditing purposes.

Set your permission hierarchy
Security protection has been incorporated into CanSoft Wholesale System to restrict unauthorized users from operating system.  Administrators can also define various permission hierarchy to entrust or restrict certain system functions to different groups of employees in different rank.

Enable approval action buttons
"Approval action buttons" prevent junior staff or new users from updating wrong data or revising data without informing his supervisor.  It can also be used to inhibit discharged staff to destroy system data before quitting his job.

Backup and restore your data, quick and easy
You can easily backup all your system data and settings and restore it in case of emergencies such as hardware failure.  Just make sure you regularly copy your backup to an external storage media.